November 14

Colonial Wigmaker

To day was an ok day just like others I made wigs.Today I made a very odd shaped wig.Being a wigmaker is not very cool the only thing about being a wigmaker is geting payed.The wig I made todaywas not as cool as the one I made for a French King.I had to shave some ones head and they were not happy about it.I told them if they wanted a wig then I had to shave there head.After I told him that he just got up from his seat and stormed right out of my house.It was few hours until I had a new costomor. This costomor was very poltie.FirstI shaved her head.I measerd the cotomors head after a few hours or so she was all done.After her I had no other cotomors for the whole day.Tomarow is a new day maybe I`ll a lot of costomors.

November 2

Colonial Leaders

Who is Squanto?                                                                                                                                                                                               Native Amarican Indian

Member of the Pawtuxet band

Squanto was at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth

Squanto was a great leader

Squanto had many loved friends and family

one of the most famous Native Amicans born in Cap Code

well traveled-due to kidnapings

Govonor reconized Squantos efforts

Squanto died at 42

Squanto taught the colonist a lot

That is Squanto.