January 30

MLK Service Day

Martian Luther King did a lot of things for people and did not want one penny for doing for what he did.And so on Monday January,21 MLK day I felt inspierd to do ectiley what Martian did give back.So I decited to make Valitines cards for homeless people,kids in the hostpital,and people in nursing homes.And I did not do this alone I went to my chuch and got voliters I got about 10-20 volinters. And get this the 10-20 volinters I got where all kids from ages 10-12.We all made cards we uesed glitter,stickers,and crayons but thatis not what it is about.It was about valintines cards for kids/elderly who might not get any.Next MLK day remember that it is not just a day off of school.Also next MLK day do  an act of kindness and do not expect any thing in return becauses that is what Martian would have wanted.

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